Tuesday, August 17, 2010

today's activity

Hi everyone !
How's your day ?

Well, yesterday was a not-so-productive day.
I spent my entire day in bed watching One Piece.

However today, I did things that I wanted to do for ages.

Early morning, I went to R's house and we went to the bank.
Yes ! Finally !!
It's been months since I planned to go to the bank.

Later on, we went to Envy Hair Studio for a haircut.
Well, actually R was the one who wanted a haircut not me.
I don't feel like getting a haircut today :P
So yea, then we went to the shop next door to get Y's gift
since she's going to California next month :(
We got her a nice cute little friendship pillow
weeeee :D

Then we went to the vet to get the cat !
Seriously I hate cats ! Well, not really hate.
It's just that ... I'm afraid of cat :(
So yea, since the cat's leg is broken, I thought it's gonna be all goody goody
TAPI ....
it keeps on jumping and scratching and all those things a cat does.
I literally screamed all the way home ! Nasib baik dekat je rumah ;(

Around 3pm, we went to Y's house. It's been a year since I met her :(
We talked, we laughed, we reminisced yadda yadda and around 6.30pm R and I headed home.

Was planning to buka puasa with Kak Lang tapi tak jadi
So, I went home and buka puasa with my family :))

Well, that's all for now !
What a boring update !
I'll find something interesting soon :P

Thanks for reading
Take care
Have a wonderful day

Jaa ne :)

nana k.

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