Thursday, August 5, 2010

can you draw ?

Can you draw ?
me : orang lidi boleh :P

Can you draw anime cartoon ?
me : hell NO ! They are too complicated to draw.
plus I'm sucks at drawing -_-

I have friends that love to draw
And they draw cute anime cartoons like every day
*envy envy*

Sometimes I wonder ...
How on earth can they draw such cute yet complicated things
And I don't bother to try since I know I'm sucks at drawing
and they are complicated ;)

Today, I found my sketch book
that I bought when I was 14
I can't remember why I bought it

Oh I remember why !

I wanted to be an architect back then
So I bought it for some practice lah kononnya
However, until today ...
The book is b-l-a-n-k !!!

So, I've decided to do something with it
Yela, membazir kotttt . Heh heh

So, this is what I did

Woot woot !
Proud of myself !
Eventho it's a lil bit complicated
But I managed to get this
Not bad for a first attempt huh :P

That's all for now

Jaa ne :)

nana k.

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