Tuesday, July 20, 2010

volunteer work :)

Well well well. What a boring day !
2 months left until my Year 2.
Omg ... lambat sungguh masa berlalu !!

Earlier, I've decided to work during my summer break.
Tapi, there's lots of things going on. So, kinda susah sikit.
Plus mum said sekarang ni tgh OFF PEAK
so, accounting firms don't rally hire part time workers :(

So, I've been lazying around on bed like a sick person all day long !

Mum suggested to do volunteer work
As a teacher or something like that
For a group of unlucky girls

At first, I wasn't sure whether should I do it or not
since what I need right now is MONEY
tapi bile pikir-pikir balik ...
It's not a bad thing kan. Ape salahnya tolong orang :)
So, I've decided ... I'll do it.

Dari membazir masa di rumah seperti org gila kan :P

I don't know bila I'm gonna start.
Soon maybe.
Hope everything will go smoothly :)

ps : my sentences are like cacat !!!! ^.^V

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