Monday, July 5, 2010

marry a mat salleh :)

me : daddy, can I have a studio like Aunty Zaidah ??
dad : ignoring me
me : daddy, are you going to buy a house in London ?
dad : maybe. why ?
me : it's better if you buy somewhere near ARU :)
dad : and why is that ?
me : so that I don't have to go through all the hassle when I'm going to study here
dad : he ignored me again ...pfft !

me : mother, daddy said he's going to buy a house in London
mummy : oh really ?
me : but I said it's better to buy somewhere near ARU. Well, you know ...
mummy : I thought you're going to stay in a hostel if you study in ARU ?
me : but still ... who's gonna stay in London. It's not like I'm gonna spend my summer break in London.
mummy : why not. I thought you said you gonna work in London during your summer break. So, you need a house in London. Plus you can come back Malaysia during your winter break.
me : tak payah. Tukdin's house kan ade :P

me : tukdin, can i work in ur restaurant ?
tukdin : yes why not. but you have to be a legal resident first. get married to a mat salleh here.
me : huh ? marry a mat salleh ??
tukdin : i can help you find one :P
me : errr ... takpe lah. cancel. I'll work somewhere else :D

Today, I talk about my future plan with daddy and mum when we were on our way back home from shopping. And as always once I started talking dad will ignore me half way because he said I talk a lot and I can't stop talking once I start. So basically, I did all the talking with mummy. She said I can apply for exchange program next year. Yayyyy ~~ And if I do well and I'm lucky enough I can stay in ARU for the whole year 3 *fingers crossed*

Well, there's nothing much I did today except for shopping, eating and shopping again. Pity Uncle Nazir. He has to follow us shopping from morning (well ... not so morining actually) until 4.30PM. And guess what, once he went back home, we still continue shooping until the shops closed :))

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