Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Nana Diaries: Le Housemates

Hi hi ! Hello everyone :)

Well, there's nothing much to blog about but
I just feel like blogging since I have nothing to do :)

I just got back from Arena Green, Bukit Jalil. Went there for a sleepover. It's been a while since I came here. I used to stay here when I was in APIIT. Now, not anymore. I kinda miss everyone. Kiey, Fatin, Putri and Anati. Plus, nyokapnya Kiey lagi di Malaysia jadi sekalian ketemu sama nyokapnya. Bak kata orang tua2, sambil menyelam minum air :D

It was my lucky day ! Since cowoknya Fatin ama Kiey are coming, Tante masaknya yang keren banget ! Suka deh gw :D Plus, it was Pipin's birthday yesterday. So, we decided to buy a cake for him. Me, Fatin and Kiey went to Secret Recipe in Sri Petaling to buy Chocolate Indulgence :P

Around 9pm, everyone arrived. The first one to arrive was Kiey's BF, Habir. Then Zuhir, Kak Lang's BF. Later on, Birthday boy (Pipin), Tyara and Boy arrived. We had our dinner. After dinner, it was cake cutting session. Kasian deh anak itu, nyanyi "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" nya sendiri, potong keknya sendiri, dibasahin juga disuruh sendiri dikamar mandi :P

After that, we played UNO and some Indonesian traditional games until midnight. We had fun ! We talked, we laughed, we screamed, we jumped all night long. I wonder ... jiran sebelah atas bawah marah :P Around 1 o'clock, everyone headed home. After cleaning up and mandi, we went to sleep :)) Oh, what a tiring night :D

Ok, that's all for now :)

And NO.
There's no photos since everyone sangat busy
enjoying ourselves to the fullest :P

Till here then, toodles :)

nana k.

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