Thursday, June 10, 2010

Old photo albums

I was flipping thru my old photo albums
and I found this !

Abg Long, Abg Cik and Me

please don't be mistaken, they aren't my brothers
They are my cousins :D

We used to stay together, play together
Go here and there together

We were like brothers and sister
They are like the older brothers that I never have

Ok, I shall stop reminiscing
The reason why I'm writing this is
Well, I have no specific reason why I'm writing this :P

As I mentioned earlier
Abg Cik just got engaged last Sunday
To a pretty and adorable Kak Suzie :))
They're getting married in September !
another trip to Kedah *wink wink*

I still remember ...
We I was a little girl
with two ponytails on my head
my aunties and uncles
used to take us to Sunway Lagoon

and because of my littleness
Abg Cik always have to piggyback me
While Abg Long enjoying the more exciting things

I also remember ...
When I almost drown at Water World Malacca
Abg Cik was the one who saved me
While Abg Long was entertaining my little brother and sister

Oh, How time flies so fast
Now, he's getting married !!!!

Congrats for your engagement Abg Cik
and Abg Long, when is yours :P

ps: Abg Cik, I need a new lens for your wedding :P

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