Saturday, May 15, 2010

Nana Diaries: Hari Belia Negara

hi people !
how's your day today ?
hope everything is doing great.
Well, as some of you may know, 2 days ago I wasn't feeling welland today I am superbly healthy (except for the sore throat).
Well, I just got back from Putrajaya for Hari Belia Negara Dodgeball Tournament.It was great I guess (eventho we only won the 4th place and the day was frigging hot). But hey, we did our very best.We didn't have any training for like i-don't-know-how-long !and we enjoyed ourselves.At least I did after all the stress I got from test and assignments :D
oh and I almost forgot, the top 4 teams will be featured in Astro.So, that means KBU Piranhazz will be in it as well !Yay us !!!
So, here are some of the pictures taken.Others will be uploaded in Facebook soon.And Tzeming will do some editing on some of them as well.So, be patient and wait for the rest ok :D
Here you go !Enjoy the pictures and thanks for reading my, nana k.

KBU Piranhazz !!!

Antony Remo (Captain)

Nana Kamarul

Kent Ngiam & Jenny Lim

Reuben Teo & Clifford Khong

Max Chia

Tzemini Chua


Danny the Spokesperson :D

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