Wednesday, April 21, 2010

precious one hour

Hello there :) How are you ?

Well, I know I'm not suppose to blog since I have lotsa assignments to do.
But who cares.
I can write whenever I want.
and I feel like writing now.
So here you go.

In previous post, I mentioned about how I didn't do my assignments for the whole week.
I spent my one week break by watching ANIMES !! and drama.

Now, I am proud to say that I did HALF of my assignments.
Eventho half. it's still an improvement kan.
Ya ya, saya bangga dengan diri saya :P

Well, that's not exactly what I wanna write. What I wanna write is THIS !

Today, we ended Accounting class early just for consultation.
Since I haven't do my Accounting assignment,
Jenny, Eve, Max, Jeff, Daniel and I went to the library for discussion.
Well, not a discussion actually.
It's more like Daniel-telling-us-what-we're-suppose-to-do with the assignments.
After, nearly an hour (or more than that), we went to SSD.

Jenny : still one hour more !!!!
nana : i know. and I'm bored.
Jenny : let's draw !!!!
nana : ok !

So, we decided to draw.
We started by drawing Max. LOL

Then, semua ini :D

We spent our precious one hour drawing
instead of doing assignment :D

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