Friday, April 9, 2010


Yayy !
Finally, my one week break is here !
Well, I'm not so excited actually cuz I have lotsa assignments to finish up before May.
And there's gonna be a test hujung bulan nih 0_0 !

Well, as some of you may know my maid is not around anymore.
So, I've gotta do everything myself.
Before class have to sidai baju.
After class angkat baju, lipat baju, iron baju.
Malam, prepare dinner. Iron baju again (banyak betul baju orang rumah ni pakai !!!)
On Friday (which is today) OMG lagi banyak kerjaku.
Terasa diri ini seperti maid pula.

No no, I tak blame my parents nor my previous maid for this.
But I do hope a NEW maid will be available ASAP !
Penat gua tiap2 hari macam nih.
Bile nak blaja ?!!!
(ecehhh, macam lah time ada maid blaja memanjang XD )

That's all for now.
Jaa Ne :D

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