Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Nana Diaries: Tiring yet Awesome.

Well well well ... Today I had a tiring yet an awesome day. Thanks to my friends Chiang Su Leng and Lee Wee Joe for dragging me to Sunway for our random and sudden ice skating session :P

After we end our class (which was so boring and sleepy) Su Leng, Joe, Aaron, Wei Kang (Kang Kang) and I went to Uptown to have our lunch. At first, Aaron suggested a nasi lemak restaurant but the place was closed. So, we decided to go to Village Park Restaurant. Su Leng and I ate Assam Laksa while the guys ate Nasi Lemak :D

After that, we went back to KBU to fetch Joe's honey and friend and we headed to Sunway together. Once we arrived Sunway, we were so excited (Su Leng excited the most) and straight away bought the tickets. Then, we went to Pappa Rich since Joe's honey and friend haven't take their lunch yet. At 3 something, Su Leng, Joe, and I went for our ice skating session. We were excited to the max ok ! We played around one and half hours (non-stop) before we decided to go back. Luckily none of us fell down. hu hu ~~

We had a GREAT time together :D

On our way back, Clifford called. I thought he's gonna be angry cuz I was late for the meeting. Instead, he told me that the meeting was cancelled since no one came. (pity our little president) Once I arrived KBU, I saw Clifford, Nadea, Nadirah and Gerald at the field. I was like .... "eh, kate takde meeting". I went to them. It seems that they were the only people who came for the meeting. The rest MIA !!! Kesian kesian. So, they decided to go to Rasta. Since I'm so tired and lazy, I din follow them and I went back home.

What a day.

Thanks to them, I had a wonderful evening :)

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