Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Nana Diaries: KBU Piranhazz

It's been a few weeks since I updated my blog. No, I'm not lazy. It's just that I have no idea what to blog. Since there are people who keep on bugging me to update my blog so nah, amik kau :P Well, what I'm gonna post today is nothing special. Just a random post on what had happened for the past couple of days.


Pejam celik pejam celik. We're already in February which means MY BIRTHDAY IS COMING ! Yes yes. I want presents ! Thank you.

So, here's what actually happened on Monday. We had our dodgeball training. No not training. A friendly match between UC, Inti and Metropolitan college. It was held at Metro/Inti basketball court. I'm not sure which one since we entered thru Inti but Adrian said the court belongs to Metro ( I'm confused @_@ ) Ok, just ignore that. So, we (Jenny and I) were supposed to follow Max, Clifford and the rest since we dunno the way but they left us (sedih, nak nangis T_T )

We bumped into Kent and Antony. So, we decided to follow them. First 1/2 of the way, Kent was so fast. Well, not fast actually. It's just that there's too many cars and our cars are both cenonet so can't really see when there are 10 cars in between our cars. Luckily his car BIRU so macam boleh kenal dari jauh. Second 1/2 of the way, Kent was kinda left behind sebab dia takde SMART TAG !!! So, we kena slow down to wait for him. Luckily he drove fast enuf to be in front of us again :D Last 1/2 of the way, Kent was left behind AGAIN ! But this time we weren't so lucky. No matter how slow we went we can't see his car. So, Jenny and I decided to find our way sendiri cuz we dun have Kent's or Antony's number to call them ( kenapalah tak call Clifford and ask him -_-" )

We were in front of Metropolitan. Jenny called Max to ask where we're supposed to meet. He said Inti College. That she asked where's it ? and he said at SS 13 (Inti is actually behind Metropolitan College ) So, we went all the way to SS13 and we ended up in front of SeGi College WTF ?! Jenny called again, but this time we talked to Clifford cuz Max pun dah pening. Clifford told me that Inti is near Taylor's Business School and Metropolitan College ! OMFG ! We hafta patah balik all the way there. and thanks to the traffic jam, we arrived Inti at 6pm ! Luckily our team tak main lagi :D

What a day -___-


2nd day of February. Nothing special happened. But I'm so happy cuz my dad bought me a new filter since my old one dah pecah @ retak @ whatever you call it. Thanks daddy !!! ilysm. mwahhhh <33>


There's a dodgeball exhibition match at Sunway College today. I was so lazy to go. Max and Jenny as well. Jenny lazy to go cuz she dunno how to go back if she go sebab I'm going back home straight away after the thing ends. Gerald ( correct or not ? ) our new friend and dodgeball-er keep on asking us to go since he takde kawan. And he's willingly to send Jenny home. So, ok lah. We decided to go. I told Clifford then he said cancelled cuz tak ramai yang dapat pegi. I'm happy ! can go back home and sleep :P


Today I fought with a monster. He is so huge. He punched me and I melekat at the dinding like a Spiderman but the sticker version. So, I climbed to the ceiling and I jumped towards his head. He saw me and he jentik-ed me and I terbang like a bird to another planet .

The end.

He asked me to post this. Weird monster

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