Wednesday, January 20, 2010

my treasure.

1. my nose-less Joon Sang. I had "him" since I was 12 or 13 I'm not so sure. But what I remember I had it since my mum got rid of my bolster busuk. and guess what, I still have it until now, even though it has no nose anymore.

2. my yellow debab. It was a present given by someone that I care the most. It means a lot to me since he got it for me because he knew I was so down that time. thank you. thank you. thank you. i love you stupid monkey !

3. my laptop. believe it or not, I can't live without my laptop. I still remember when my laptop was crashed and I had to bring it to my cousin and it took him almost a week to get it fix since he was so busy. Only god knows how sad and depressed I was.

4. my phone. yes. my phone is less important than my laptop. why ? because I realized I can actually live without my phone. Except for emergency. But hey, what's the use of public phone *wink*

5. my dramas collection. yes. almost everyone knows that I love dramas so much. and I have zillions of them. Just imagine what will happen if they got stolen or lost or anything. Oh myyy ... I'm gonna cry like crazy !

6. my story books. Well, I'm not into reading so much but I do read books. But maybe not as often as you. Books take my mind off unnecessary stuffs. Besides, books are always there when I'm bored and when I can't sleep at night :)

7. my hand sanitizer. I'm not a freaking hygienic person but I can't do without my sanitizer. Especially during times like now where there's a lot of diseases !!!

8. my car. ya ya. kereta sangat penting. well, not that important actually. but it's important when you have to go here and there. am i right ? So, i love my car even though it is not as expensive as your Porsche ~~

Ok. I'm gonna stop here. Why tak cukup kan sepuluh ?
Well, I love number 8 ! Live with it.
Till here then ... Jaa Ne :D

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