Thursday, December 10, 2009

family trip

yes !
finally i'm done with 2 of my assignments and 1 more to go !
Gambatte !

Well, like some of you know, last week my extended family and I went to Bangkok for holiday. Well, everything was great. And i spent all my money buying handbags ! I've bought 3 handbags for myself and 1 for Jenny. And a miracle happened, my brother bought another handbag for me ! HAHAHAHAHA ! So yea, basically everything went smoothly from the first day we arrived until the day we balik Malaysia. Alhamdulillah ! Since i'm in a good mood today, I post some of the piccas here. The rest of the piccas will be upload in facebook once i finish my BE assignment which has been killing me for the past few weeks.

That's all for now ! Jaa Ne <33


  1. na~!!!!when did u go to bngkok huh???adeh,xckp!!!huhuh

  2. last week. haha!
    mmg x btaw sape2 pun :P


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