Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Hello everyone !

Yes yes I know I rarely update my blog nowadays. No I'm not busy I'm just lazy. Nothing interesting happened. Ok, this is really going to be in my 2010 resolution.

Update my blog regularly :)

So yea, as I said earlier nothing interesting happened. Just a couple of random stuffs happened for the past few weeks. Ok, let me recall them back.

I found out that I need to submit CDs for both LAW and BE in order to pass these modules.
Thanks to Su Leng :)
And yes I submitted those CDs.
Thank god !


I went shopping for the whole week last week !
No not for me.
I just accompany my cous since she's getting married soon.
Congrats Anyah !


I wanted to watch Avatar badly but I ended up watching Alvin and the Chipmunks 2 with my two so-called-kids :)


I've been watching Korean, Japenese, and Taiwanese dramas the whole month.
And guess what, I'M TIRED OF IT ALREADY !
Need some rest from dramas :)


I met someone that I really don't want to see for the rest of my life !!!


Planning to hangout with Max and Deric but dunno when.
Still waiting for Deric's call :)

Well, that's all. As I said NOTHING INTERESTING. Just another boring holiday.

nana k.

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