Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Nana Diaries: Before Dodgeball

seriously, I'm too lazy to blog and I have no idea what to blog about.

So yea, here comes a random post ....

I've joined
dodge ball !!!!

So basically I have to wait until 5.30pm for it to start every Monday and Wednesday. And I'm not gonna come on Friday since I have no class on Friday :P So yea, my class ends at 4.30pm on Monday. So I'm ok with it since I have to wait only for an hour BUT on Wednesday my class ends at 12.30pm. 12.30pm ok people !!! So I have to wait for almost 5 hours before the training starts ! So, while waiting for the clock strikes 5.30pm; Jenny, Eve and I went random places just to enjoy ourselves taking pictures ! Seriously, we spent 5 hours every Wednesday taking pictures !!!!

some of the pictures taken :)
enjoy ... !

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