Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Nana Diaries: Are we friends ?

YA !
Akhirnya saya berjaya menyiapkan assignment saya tepat pada waktunya !!
Tapi malangnya, saya masih mempunyai 1 lagi assignment yang harus di submit lepas raya.
Law kottt ! Gile susah ok !

Baiklah, seperti yang anda ketahui last Friday we had our so-called reunion plus buka puasa at Nando's. I really enjoyed myself except for the hectic jalanraya part. Thanx to sharaf who made me amik and hantar him to UIA. Jangan susahkan orang boleh x?! LOL

So yea, we arrived around 7 so sampai2 dah ready2 nak buka puasa. Luckily ada place since it was a last min reservation. So we makan talk laugh bla bla bla until 9 something ... or 10 ? i'm not so sure. Then, the guys went I dunno where while the girls headed home.
Tak baik anak dara balik malam2 :P

So basically that's it lah. Nothing much pun but I still had fun !

Thanks to Amin, Fifie, Bob, Khuz, Sharaf, Hakim, Aishah, Sara, Syasyi, Azreen, Fuddy, Yaya, Elfha and also Nafisah for the great and wonderful day.
I love you guys to the very bits !!

Wait wait, I don't think I love amin that much :P

To Iylia and others, I hope you can join us next time.

Till here for now, enjoy the piccas. Toodlesss*credits to Immi :D

First row : Sharaf, Bob, Amin, Nana, Khuz, Fifie
Second row : Yaya, Fuddy, Syasyi, Azreen, Nafisah, Sara, Aishah, Imran
*thanks Hakim for taking the picca*

My two retarded BFF yang suka merajuk -_-
RM25.93 for service charge ONLY !!!

My "roller coaster" partner :D

Thanks Hakim for the "duit raya"

Khuz with the kanak2 bawah umur :P

He's the one that I hate the most but on the same time I think I love him :P

The girls

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