Monday, August 10, 2009

tomorrow ? Today

Oh my god. There are so many things to do tomorrow. Well, since it's already 12.15 AM so it's today. Ya ya ya. Sangat banyak benda yang suddenly popped up in my mind like few min ago. Nana nana sume benda nak buat. So yea, my activity for tomorrow are :

1) Help my sister with her homework done
2) Upload Japanese drama (Honey & Clover) in Megaupload/Mediafire
3) Download Cartoon KAT-TUN (i think I'm addicted to it already) done
4) Upload Asian movies kat done
5) Buy some stuffs done
6) ................. and the list goes on and on until 12AM :)

ok. i think i better go now before i start talking nonsense :)
Oyasumi minna !


  1. akak saye nak pinjam Honey & Clover..

  2. oh sudah abes upload?
    agagaga! *exciyed sambil mate bersinar2*

  3. upload x. mcm mls pulak.
    download dah lame :P


Thank you for your comment :)