Tuesday, August 25, 2009


konbanwa minna-sama :)

1st day of college

Yesterday was Orientation Day.

nana : shud I drag him ? YES YES

nana : im, follow me to college ok tomorrow
im : malu dowww
nana : just come or I won't fetch you
im : yela yela. aq kesian kat kau

So yesterday I went to college with my so-called-cous IMran ! Orientation was ok lah. Nothing much pun. Those fellas just talk and talk and talk. Luckily just 1 day not like APIIT Orientation, 1 whole week.

Somehow I kinda miss APIIT :(


2nd Day of College

My class shud start at 12.30 and end at 4PM. Tapi since today is like the first day of lesson so the lecturer bring it forward. So my class today started at 11 and ended at 2.30PM.

The first class was Ms. Irene's class. Damn she's funny and she kept on saying that her previous students used to call her "witch from hell". She makes jokes most of the time but when it comes to her lesson, well ... she's kinda strict i think. and we gonna have lots and lots of work ! Every week ada assignment. Just like Ms. Judy's class :P

She's teaching me LSD which stands for Learning and Skills Development in Business. The subject is somehow a combination of PDSM and RMDS lah (oh i hate RMDS friggin much!)

The second lecture was at 12.30PM . It was Mr Wong's class. Yes ! I like his class soooo much !!!! We were discussing about Carlsberg and Heineken's business strategies and he kept on telling me don't drink beer aa. nanti kena rotan :D Man, he made the WHOLE class burst into laughter every time he starts talking.

So yea, he's teaching Business Environment (BE). His class is interesting but his tutorial ..... alamak ! If u tak buat I'll deduct 5% from your overall marks! Scaaarrryyyyy ....

Today we just got our first tutorial task ! It's about the 2008 sub-prime crisis. You guys know what is that ??? No ? Go and google it yourself ! (That's what he said when we asked him).

So yea, basically that's it lah. Nothing much pun. Ok ok only :)

So yea, basically that's my first lecture. Luckily no homework YET !!!

Oh yea, i almost forgot !
Marianne, Nara, Munir, Prem, Faris, Aiman and my APIIT fellas ...
I have no class on FRIDAY !
And all my classes are like from
9 to 4.30 (MONDAY),
12.30 to 4 (TUESDAY),
9 to 12.30 (WEDNESDAY)
and 11 to 2.30 (THURSDAY ).
Yours lehhh ???

and I have NO exam this semester !!! Only coursework !!!!!
Jealous onoot :D

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