Thursday, July 16, 2009

Rarespecies trip ...

Thanks to the coffee I drank at 12.30 AM I'm still widely awake !

Satu per satu masalah timbul. Bosan bosan.
Mula2 my phone buat masalah now my laptop pulak.
oh kenapa ???

Went to my cousin's office and I'm still here ! Oh bosan bosan. Tak taw nak buat ape.

abg man : g ah tgk bole bukak x computer abg sham
nana : nope. ada password :(
abg man : haha. kesian. tunggu a die balik. die ade meeting

Tunggu punya tunggu ...

nana : yes ! abg sham da balik !
abg sham : eh. buat pe sini ?
nana : laptop ni haaa ...
abg sham : haha. g a pakai computer abg sham
nana : password ??
abg sham : hehe (password accecpted)

Abg Sham has a PHd in Medicine but he ended up doing programming. What the hell kan ?! He's been into computer since kid. Well, my dad told me lah :)

Oh my goodness, his computer screen sangat besar ok ! Cenima HD amendentah lagi. And I'm playing with it right now ! Sangat suka !!

At first I tot like mesti bosan kat office nih dieorg sume buat keje but instead ... wallahhh ! I got to play this gigantic computer and listen to computer crap which I don't even understand :)

oh saya akan slalu ke sini :P

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