Friday, July 24, 2009

Nana Diaries: Q & A

Good evening loves :)

For the past few post I've been posting craps instead of something yang... well, worth posted ? Gomen ne ~~

People keep on asking me what are you doing now ? Where are you now ? and all those stuffs. OK, I'm gonna answer 'em right now and I hope korang stop asking me these questions cuz ia tersangatlah annoying. Bukan ape if you ask then I hafta start from A to Z. Just imagine 5 people asking me the same question in a day, I end up telling the same story 5 times ! Ape yang lagi meng-annoying-kan is this one "what are you doing now " question will lead to another hundreds and thousands of questions. I know I love to talk but please stop doing this to me :(

Well, most of you dah taw that I completed my Foundation @ APIIT months ago and I shud have started my degree by now. But guess what people, I'm still at home watching dramas, movies, sleep, eat and stuffs. Yay me !!

Why x start degree yet ?
Well, I wanted to continue my degree @ APIIT on May 2009 but too many things to do masa tu so I've decided to do my degree somewhere else since I don't want to join APIIT for July intake :P

Kat mana nak buat degree ?
I tot of going to SeGi but tak jadi cuz ada problem since my foundation cert x klua lagi. So, I'll be going to KBU. Well, KBU was my first choice tho. Please don't ask why. I went to KBU and they said ok but I haven't register yet. Going to register soon :P

Out of all places why KBU ?
Kenapa ? idk :) No comment. Dekat dgn OU/1U ? jk :P

What course gonna do for degree ?
My foundation was Foundation in IT but I'm not gonna do IT for my degree. I mite be doing accounting and finance or anything that related to business lah. No more IT for me :)

But your Foundation is in IT ?

Well, one good thing about APIIT foundation is my foundation can be both for IT and Business. Since APIIT is an IT college, all of the courses wajib buat IT so secaranya even if you're doing foudation in Business you hafta do IT and vise-versa. Well, it's kinda complicated, go and ask APIIT yourself :) Ini hanya tafsiran sendiri. TQ :)

Why Accounting and Finance ?

Because both my parents buat accounting jugak ?? Well, not really. My biggest dream, well not really biggest lah is to have my own businesses. Business apa ? Lots and lots of 'em and I hope semua boleh come true *cross fingers* And since I have an accounting brain not bragging ok why not buat accounting kan ? Why wanna waste kelebihan yang dikurniakankan olehNya ???
Yea, so that's it ! Letih suda wanna type.
I hope all questions telah dijawab.
Thank you. Jaa :)

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