Monday, July 27, 2009

boyfriend ?

i wish for a robotic boyfriend :P

oh nana shuddup! you watch too many dramas !

ok, maybe my robotic boyfriend wish won't come true but don't you think it's a good thing ? especially for the single ones lah. A boyfriend yang telah diprogramme according to our citarasa ? Hot cool sexy .. just name it ! Oh and the best part is this robotic boyfriend will dedicate all its life and heart to its owner and that is YOU. Tak payah risau2 nnt kne dump ke ape ke kan kan kan ...?

oh i wish this robotic boyfriend really exist :)

ps: i want a robotic boyfriend that looks like ikuta toma. kihkihkih :D


  1. lu jangan nak terpengaruh ngan sebarang cerita2 jepun kat tv tuh..

  2. tak jealous..
    nak jealous buat ape?


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