Friday, June 5, 2009

so-called-trip ...

Oh My God ... FINALLY ~~

Well, it's been a while since we had our family thingy. Well, not my family family but my extended family family . Cool eh ! Kami sangat rapat ... me, my parents, siblings, aunties, uncles , cousins, nieces and nephews especially mama punya side. We always have our so-called-family gathering at least twice a year.

Tp since my uncle passed away earlier this year, we seem like ... well, bukan tak close but not as close as before. We used to spend our holidays together ! Maybe skrg semua dah besar semua dah keje semua dah ade family sendiri and everything yang menyebabkan kami susah untuk spend time together .

To be honest, I really miss those times we had . Hanging around , laughing , screaming , teasing , having fun and stuffs together , all of us. I wish one day , we can have our so-called-family-gathering again like how we used to ..

Ok, enuf of all dis emo-ing shits . Im not supposed to be emo-ing since tomorrow we'll be going for a small family trip to Terengganu . I know I know ... Out of all places why Terengganu ?! Well, I have no idea why . But it's ok as long as can spend my so-called-holiday with my family . This time , not the whole extended family akan join. Just three families. Mine and my aunties families. I hope I can still enjoy myself to the maximum ^_^

Really looking forward to this trip !! Yes yes I am !

That's all for now . Enjoy the school holiday people ...!!! Like I'm enjoying mine !

ex ow ex ow

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