Thursday, June 25, 2009


People keep on asking me ....
how come all your friends are guys ?
you tak de any girlfriends ah ?
why ? why ? why ?

Well, i have no idea why most of my friends are guys. I've been friends with guys since the day i was born ! Yes, my childhood friends were these two guys yang i kenal since the day i was born. My kawan baik is a guy bla bla bla. So that's why.

Eventho most of my friends are guys i do have girlfriends ! They're aqila zana aleya iman rasya amalia aishah nadia pnut izzatie azyan fatin kiey ana putri marianne nara izzah rab and a whole bunch of them ! So yes. Eventho i spend more time with my sengalness boyfriends compared to my girlfriends, i still spend time with my girlfriends and i love each and every single of them to the very bits.

So yes people. I do have girlfriends !!!

ps: munir, i'm a girl !
i wear heels and i play barbie dolls.
Live with it :)

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