Saturday, May 23, 2009

kepenatan ...

OMG. What a hectic day. Sungguh memenatkan. I was out since early morning and now only reach home. Penat penat.

Morning class bersama ...
Well, nothing much pun about the morning class since every Saturday and Sunday ada

After the morning class I straight away went to KBU in PJ until 1 kott

Balik je dari KBU terus g anta my brother tuition around 2. I was supposed to meet Esther at 2 @ Mid Valley but I hafta delay it cuz of my brother ...

From Taman Permata straight away to Mid Valley. Esther and I decided to meet at Gardens instead of Mid Valley.So, instead of going to Mid Valley I went to Starbucks Gardens. Get my bag. OMG! Finally...! Thanx Estee. Loveyou <33

kedaeng : tgh bwt ape?
nana : OTW nak g Mid. Asl? Nk ikut?
kedaeng : My czn nk dtg rumah. Btw,bwt pe ? ngn sape?
nana : ngn my sis. nk jumpe my frnd. nk amik barang ... banyak tanya betul die nih
kedaeng : ohhhh ok ok

Well, I wishd to stay longer kat Mid Valley or Gardens. Nak shopping and stuffs but since ade manusia tu bnyk tanya terus x jd. Haih ...

My brother tuition till 4. So, while waiting the clock strikes 4 I went to SeGi KL ....yadda yadda yadda ...

ayah : jom g Putrajaya ...
nana : PUTRAJAYA ? Bwt pe ? Bosan !
ayah : tak nak ikut sudah ...

So, instead of staying at home I decided to ikut my dad dan yang lain-lain... bosan kott duk rumah ... Yea, so we went to Putrajaya to EAT! all the way to Putrajaya just for food! Mcm kat KL nih stock makanan da abis aja .... so, makan makan lepak lepak thn balik ... sigh!!!!

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