Friday, March 27, 2009

oh my love ....

Ok ok, I know I sepatutnye study for my RMDS exam tomorrow yet I'm still lappy screen shopping (adik kepada window shopping). Browse sane browse sini, I ended up kat Esther's blog and wallahhh!!!!

I love the bag!!!!
A lot ok!!!!

Ok, say whatever you wanna say I don't care. I know I have like millions of bags (yang x penah pakai pun ada) but yea... i love bags. So, I still wanna get this one.

I was talking to Esther about the bag,
....the bag damn nice la, i love the bag la blablabla.....

Then, she said that she can get it for me and it's CHEAPER! I was like wtf?! seriously .... i want!!! I mean

Estee, I want the bag!!!!

So, the conversation goes on and on and I've decided to get one for myself (ade sape2 nak beli kan? hehe) So, here comes the most difficult part...

e: which color u want la darling??
n: errr....
e: ....
n: yellow??
e: wow!!!
n: no no. wait .... purple ??? black ??? brown??? or maybe pink???
e: u better make up ur mind dear... by tonite...
n: erkkk... ok ok!

So, black brown purple
pink yellow black brown purple pink yellow ..... ??????????

n: yang! help me! black brown purple pink yellow?
b: heh? wedding dress ape?? u nak gi mane???
n: new bag! help me pls. i can't decide which one to choose. Can i like beli semua???
b: sigh!

So, yea. Encik ni pun tak boleh nak decide for me. So...

n: babe, i need help!
z: ape die?
n: which color nicer???
z: for what?
n: a bag...?
z: oh, ok. I think black should be ok. why?
n: oh thnx. sumone supposed to decide for me yet he himself can't decide
z: biasa lah tuh XD

So I've decided to go for PURPLE. Yes yes I know wathaffak annn ask people to choose, bile orang da pilih die pi order color laennn (ah,sukehati aq la bag aq. kau nak bayar ke???)

Estee, i want the purple one please thank you i love you mmmuuuaaahhhhhh <33

*beep beep*

b: i think u amik pink la since it's ur fave. But purple pun ok gak what...
n: ceh useless punye boyfren aq da pilih baru nak bagi idea I amik purple..
b: oh. good choice..
n: gedik gedik thank you

So, penutup post ini...
I'll be getting my purple Balenciaga bag by mid April (ran out of stock la plak tetibe...)
So yea, InsyaAllah.


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