Tuesday, March 10, 2009

10 Most Favourite ...

Waaaa... lame gila ok I x blog. Been busy with college and stuffs. Ok, today's post is about my 10 most favourite guys. Hahaha. I dunno why suddenly I feel like blogging about them. Ok ok. Here you go...

10) Osse SinareOh, he's my favourite because he talks alot.
I mean he craps alot.
I dunno why but he's one of my favourite guy.
My grandpa...lol^^

9) AimanThe most annoying brother ever.
Seriously, it's true.
He talks alot. He laughs alot and perasan alot!
Basically everything alot la.
I still remember our first convo was about his pc yang da brape kali rosak.
I was like ... okayyhhh!
So, yea. Eventho he's like that,
he's still my favourite abang and the coolest too.

8) Halim SidkiWoohhoooo... my 8th favourite guy.
Kesengalan dia memang tiada tandingan.
He just simply say whatever he feels like saying no matter where.
Well, that suxx cuz it kinda annoying yet it's funny.
Once ada org cakap we look alike.
Hell no. I'm cuter. Heee^^

7) Fauzan Ghani
Yeaaaa... ghani ghani ghani.
My favourite guy.
My fovourite guy since DAY ONE.
So, yea. Whatever.

6) Amin ZakiriFirst of all, I just wanna say i hate your hair Amin! It suxx.
Well, I've known him since.. errr... lemme see.. primary school??
Yea primary school.
Tapi x penah cakap dgn dia. Rasanya la. Not so sure.
He loves to kutuk and ejek people especially me!
Yea Amin, that's you. Yet you still 1 of my favourite guy^^

5) Fardhly Alfiehmmm... no comment.
My second driver. Hahaha!!!
He's such a good friend!
So, yea... good friend la.
Nak apa lagi???

4) Iylia AfiqMy favourite guy since I was 14^^
Eventho he hates roller coasters as much as I love 'em.
So, yea. He still my favourite guy.
And my kawan baik too!!!!
We penah x cakap almost a week because he x mengaku I'm his kawan baik.
Yea I know childish gila ann. But yea...
What to do... lol^^

3) MuazMy one and only favourite masa kat SB.
Not that I hate the rest or anything.
It just that he's my favourite^^
We talk alot.
We can talk almost about everything.
And he's a good friend of mine.

2) AzudinYea yea... my favourite sayang. Muahahaha!
Dia gila sengal jahat menyakitkan hati sume lah.
He's annoying!!!! Yes, tersangatlah annoying!
Yet I still love him. Hee^^

1) Adyb Ross LanMy most favourite guy ever!
Yea yea I know... So?
I dunno why but he is my favourite guy.
So people, live with it^^
And he's mine. So back off!!!!

To my other guy friends, i still love you guys ok!!
kiky shaqel sheran akmal azrin bobby atiq munir hakim

x o x o


  1. waaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!wat the fish!!!im nt even in the list!!!blah3!!mrajuk aaa

  2. oi adik...!
    sebok aja....
    adik2 x masuk dlm senarai...

  3. my most favourite guy..
    *cough2* ahem..*cough*
    *guling2 terjelepok atas lantai*

  4. ah rab...
    ade uh tu yg bermain di fikiranmu...

  5. Aku pon tak dea????
    dah r...
    sedara apea r nie....

  6. sedara all not included ok!

  7. dah r.... mrajuk r....
    sedra ape mcm nie...

  8. hakala... merajuk la plak.. haha


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