Thursday, December 18, 2008

friday and saturday

yea yea yea. I know. Its been awhile since I last update my blog. Well, actually I have like dozens of stuffs that I wanna blog but I just too lazy to blog. And I have no idea why. Okla, now I'll give the summary for what had happened for the past few days.

Last Friday, Nara, Marianne, Munir, Fifi, Yoga and I went for a movie kat Time Square. Well, actually we wanted to watch it dekat Mid Valley tapi we ended up dekat Time Square kerana ada masalah yang x dpt dielakkan. Well, we watched Twilight! The movie was good. For me lah. I mean it kinda romantic. Plus Edward is adorable eventho he kinda pale and agak macam zombie. A cute one tho! After the movie we went to Low Yat. Marianne nak beli bag since her bag dying eady. And Yoga, he's looking for new phone. Well, survey-ing only of coz. no money to buy. So, well. The day was ok lah. We had fun. Especially Nara. Well, she relli shop ok. Shop till she drop! Good for her thn. And for me, to my surprise, i x klua money even a cent ok! Oh ok... only for the ticket. That's all. Lucky me. If not ada la org bising..."you nih keje nak shopping je annn. xd keje lain. menghabiskan duit #1...yadda yadda yadda..." Hahaha XD

PS: pity muaz x dapat ikut. Nvm we'll go together soon. Only two of us ok!

Next day, I went to Ampang Point. Well, we supposed to have this gathering kinda thing(G05) since Saddiq akan meninggalkan Malaysia. But not to my surprise, only few of us showed up. Yea. And the best part is... I'M THE ONLY GIRL! Thanx alot! Well, being the only girl that attended this thngy wasnt bad at all. Everyone was like, "nana nana... no nana u cannot go back alone. no no we cannot leave nana... nana this nana that" Macam princess weih! Hahaha! I know u guys love me so much!!! Tq tq XD Cheeeewah!!! So, instead of only bowling-ing, we went for foosball la, pool la, karaoke la, we even went to PC Fair together! Yea yea i know. Kinda weird ryt these ppl pegi PC Fair but tht's the truth. WE WENT TO PC FAIR!!! After the PC Fair, we all went back. Thanx to Amin. Yay. I love u Amin!!!! Muahahaha!!!

PS: amin, i x tgl dalam hutan ok!

Ok, well, that's all la i tink for now. I'm lazy eady.

x o x o

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