Monday, November 17, 2008

KFC incident

Went to Kuala Pilah yesterday (eventho today ada exam and masa tu i hvnt study anything yet!). On our way, we stopped by KFC to hv our lunch + dinner (lunner??? wtv!).

The service was suxx ok! Xde chicken! I was like.. wtf?! xd chicken?! The lady said that we hafta wait for the chicken. So, we waited la. Manataw more thn half an hour pun the chicken x sampai2. I pun naik bengang la.

So, jumpe the lady and asked for my chicken. She said chicken xde lagi. I was like....omfg! I waited for half an hour pun xd chicken lagi ke?! Luckily ada few chicken left. Spicy one la. And semua wings. Nak tanak amik jela. I rather take semua spicy wings dari tunggu the original one yang ntah bile siap.

I pun naik second level since the rest of the family ada kat second level. Naik je i was like... ape nih?!
Aphal sume staff die ada kat atas?!
No wonder xd chicken
& no one kat kitchen.

Semua here!
Guess what they were duin? Eating weih!! Eating chicken!!!! Customer kat bawah xd chicken, they sibuk2 enjoying themselves eating chicken upstairs. Omg! Sungguh x percaya!!! That was the last time i makan there. OMG!

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