Wednesday, October 22, 2008

excuses of the day

Wtf?!! Another lame excuses! I never ask for explanation lah cuz i know u cant give me a good one. So why bother asking for another lame excuse. && why he's giving explanation to me..? On behalf of HER! Wtf weih?! Cannot say it urself uh? No mouth izit? Or u know u gonna kalah with me. Why? Cuz u wrong and I'm right. Just accept the fact lah yang u and business cannot mix well no matter how hard u try. Pathatic weih. I'm glad that ure reading this and i dont give a damn what u think about me. Or any of my friends.

1st excuse for today....
i bought the wrong marker.
wtf woman! din u ever mentioned which marker to buy and which marker not to buy? no ryt. so, sukehati me lah to buy any marker that i want. me & my friends also using the same marker. no complaint oso. and its CHEAP!!!
my conclusion: u just dunno how to use the marker idiots!

2nd excuse for today....
i bought extra tee.
duhh, people asked for it ok. and what did u say?
"i'll try to get them by today. just leave ur number and i'll call u once i get the tee."
so, i go buy lah. since i know u so f-ing busy with whatever u're doing. i called u and u said tq.
my conclusion : u just dunno how to appreciate what people do for u.

3rd excuse for today...

u have to do 20++ tee all by urself.
excuse me miss. did u tell me that u have to make 20++ all by urself? no! u din say anything. u said u do drawing n i do writing. wtf u do everything? u only ask me to do when u're bored with it. so instead of doing what i shud do i left doing nothing since u do everything. && wtf u taking everything home? u shud have gimme all the writing one so tht i can do them at home. so u tak payah buat 20++ all by urself. did u tell me anything abt ths? no again! so, is that my fault? since u're the so-called-manager.
my conclusion : u just dunno how to work with others.

4th excuse of the day...
i have problem with others getting more.
wtf man! i dun gv a damn how much the rest got. my problem is NOT EQUAL. I repeat... NOT EQUAL!!! Since all of us contributed the same amount, and we agreed to share everything equally, why we're getting lain lain?? Failed Math & OSE uh? Never learn Partnership?? Pity u.
my conclusion : u just dunno how to handle business.

5th excuse of the day...
buy marker with sister's money.
so what if u buy the "expensive" markers with the sister's money? No brain uh. Go pay back lah once get the profit. Ding dong betul!!!! Oh.. the sister dowan? So, what's the problem? The sister dowan what to do? Terima lah. Then divide equally.
my conclusion : u just cannot think well when it comes to $$$. Pathetic!!

OMFG! Lame + stupid + pathetic excuses i ever heard.
Have fun creating more and more lame excuses.

x o x o

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