Monday, October 20, 2008

dear you...

OMFG! I never met ths kind of ppl in my whole life! I was like wtf?! Ada gak manusia mcm nih on earth?! Shits! Gile sad weih! There's this girl she damn annoying weih. Bitchy too! Sorry to say lah. But seriously tht's wht i think abt u ryt now.

m : why???
n : still collecting.. (walk away)
m : wtf?!
p : i told u d wht... she sure walk away one.

After the DanZe2NisTa meeting, we walked down to the foyer. We saw her sitting there doing god-knows-what. We passed in front of her but she never say anything (bz lah konon). I pun terus berlari-lari anak ke arah kekandaku. Muahahaha.

m: abang, come go back.
a: ishh.. lambat betul
m: (wtv lah pacik. bising jekkk)

On our way to the car, i non-stop membebel (like macik) about ths one particular person. I was like "bodo gile abang... alasan die like shits yg beterabur... yada yada yada... geram geram geram... stress stress stress..." I non-stop talking about her the whoooleeeee perjalanan. Pity brother^^

Later at night, i saw her online. At first I don't wanna tegur her. Buat pe nak tegur org macam tu. Buat abis mase n tenaga jekk. Suddenly without even realizing i 'm typing to her.

me : pls be honest with me...
she : i'll tell u tomorrow
me : cannot. we'll be doing the DanZe2NisTa thingy tomorrow. & i'm sure that u'll be bz also tomorrow (bz uh konon)
she : tomorrow i tell...
me : why cant u just say it now? easier ryt?
she : because both of u never do much work

i was like... wtf bitch?! no much work?! go here n there trying to find the right tee the right paint the right brush n stuffs tu not doing much work lah? Go from Hang Tuah to Masjid Jamek to Mydin to Central Market in the rain tu not doing much work lah? Do the drawing the painting tu not doing much work lah? Lemme ask u, ur-so-called-favourite boy doing what? Errr... Let me see. NONE! NOTHING! He ain't do anything except following ur backside from north to south, west to east! OMG! Following ur backside is what u call MUCH WORK?!! Duhhh! Who do u think u are? Princess izit? We have to follow each & every instruction? Oh god.....

she : u dont find fight when i'm angry ok?
me : i oso dont wanna fight over somethng stupid ok.
she : i'm too bz today. i have to clear everythingggggg
me : we never ask u to do everything. u urself wanna do everything. what do u expect us to do?
she : ..... (offline)

OMG! Damn annoying weih. I was the one who supposed to mara. Not u. I was the one who supposed to sign off, not u. WTF??!

I told G & my brother. He was like... "chill lah adik. chill. tomorrow u talk to her ok. like how i teached u earlier..." Thank God lah I ada so-called-abang yang kinda memahami. If not with the abang2 oso i ketuk. Hehehehe.

For the person yg terasa...." who cares u terasa or not. muahahahahaha! u deserve it what"

(she's not doing anything. just chill as if she dekat beach...)

(they ain't doing anything. just standing there buat bodo only)

wtf kannnn???

x o x o

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