Sunday, October 19, 2008

Nana Diaries: Biz Buzz Week

(promoting our booth!!)
As I mentioned earlier, my coming post is about UCFF0803 Booths. Last week was a biz buzz week. Banyak gile activities ada. Including UCFF0803 Booths! There were 4 booths. Games & Customize tshirt booth(our booth), ink cartridge booth, homemade chocolate booth, and prem's booth. We had so much fun with the booths. We laugh, we shout, we scream together. As if the whole college belongs to us. Ahahahaha.

(booth preparation)
(prem & rashjit's booth)
(our WE DARE YOU game)
(homemade chocolate booth)
(ink cartridge booth)

(cleaning up - tq macik^^)
(omg! nana & pei yee doin work. what a miracle!)

(jo jo sir!!!)

(what are they doing? exactly...!)
(yes. she buat kerja ok!)
(what do u think she's doing?? sleeping??? )

The Biz Buzz week was kinda awesome. Besides the booth thingy, we also have talks, public speaking, debate competition, quiz, monopoly game and more.

So, that's all about the Bizz Buzz Week. Wanna know more u can log on to the rest of UCFF0803 Bloggers blog.

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