Friday, October 24, 2008

being a kid

I was at home doing nothing. No one at home except for me, my lil sister and of course the maid. I just dunno what to do. Nak keluar malas assignment bejuta. Nak buat assignment malas (not in the assignment mood). So I decided to sit with my sister watching her favourite show, Spongebob Squarepants. I love the show but i dunno why i just don't feel like watching it that day. I stared at my sister. She was so into the show as if she xd pape to think about. I wish I can just be like her. What I'm trying to say is, I wish I can be just a lil kid forever.

Being a lil kid can be fun. Especially when u're the youngest in the family. Kid xd masalah. Tapaya pikir pasal duit pasal kawan pasal life pasal future pasal ur partner pasal pape lah. Nothing! What they have to think is how to have fun! That's all. Back to the story. I was starring at my sister for I dunno how long. Suddenly I realized "why not she jadi my subject of the day.It can be fun". I ran to my room, grabbed my camera and I took few photos of her. This is my youngest sister.

x o x o


  1. shes getting sooo BIG!! rindu ohh kat dada!! ><

    hmm wonder if she still rmmbr me.. o.O?

  2. ahahaha.

    mesti la ye.


    evntho awk da lame x dtg umh kite

    sob sob sob =(

  3. well..not soo good being a kid NO FUN when u were forced to take pictures by this horrible monster..

    "ko tak mo amik gambar aku cekik ko!baik ko posing cepat..kalo tak nahas aku kerje kan!"

    "hah!jgn nak buat muke sedeyh...aku kasi kat org gile kat luar tuh baru tuh..senyum cepat!cepat!!"
    "aku nak ngeupdate blog haku..tak de gambar tak syiok..haa!nangis..nangis!aku lempang ko jadi slaptik 10 tahun!"



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